The Democracy club

In the Democracy club you will acquire the knowledge and skills to make your voice heard!

Learning material

By using our material, you can start your own Democracy club!

Young Eagles

Young eagles is the Labour movements youth organisation!

Young Eagles Democracy Club

In the Young Eagle Democracy Club, children and young people meet to find out how they can be influence and make a change. We believe that young people's opinions should be an obvious part of the social debate. Do you want to make your voice heard on issues that you are passionate about, or do you want to learn more about your rights? Join a democracy club!All children between 9-16 years old are welcome in the Democracy Club!

Klagorätt borde vara barnrätt

Vi tycker att barns rättigheter är världens viktigaste grej. Håller du med? Skriv under vår namninsamling så kan vi tillsammans tala om för politikerna vad som behöver göras!