What is the Democracyclub?

"Democracyclub - from words to action" is a project that gives children and young people increased understanding and knowledge of democracy and the swedish model. In a fun way, participants learn about democratic tools that make it possible to influence issues they are passionate about. We train leaders who want to run a club or camp and assist with the material needed for this to be successful!

Start a club

Here, you can find information about how to proceed if you want to start a Democracy group or a camp.


The idea of the project is that you as a young person should gain knowledge and skills in how to influence issues that you think are important.

In a democracy club, you will learn about democracy and democratic processes, the children’s convention, student democracy, popular movements, the national youth policy and how Sweden, regions and municipalities are governed

Every meeting will be led by a trained leader.

The Democracy club is designed for you youth 9-16 years old. Our meetings are available for all and we do our best to make you feel welcome in our activities.

It is free to join the a democracy club. We also offer Fika. 

All meetings are unique. It is alright to miss a meeting but we would like to see you there as much as possible. 

We will have 10 meetings. Every meeting lasts 1-2 hours.