Bilden illustrerar ett barn som skulle behöva klagorätten


Kim is 16 years old and has long had to endure physical and psychological violence in the home. Hen spends less and less time at home and often sleeps away. Kim is doing well in school, but outsiders have begun to suspect that something is not right. Following requests from other close relatives, Kim contacts the social services. In the meeting with the social secretary, Kim says that she does not want to live at home anymore. Kim gets few questions about her home situation and the assessment is that there is no reason to start a child care investigation. The decision cannot be appealed. Kim can also not apply for LVU himself (the law on care of young people).


Kim’s experience clearly shows how articles in the Convention on the Rights of the Child are not complied with.


Article 3, which deals with decisions concerning children in the best interests of the child, has not been complied with.


Article 19 which states that children shall be protected from all types of mental and physical violence.


Article 20, which deals with the fact that children who are unable to stay at home for various reasons are entitled to protection and support from the state.


Article 26 which states that children have the right to social security and state support if parents lack these types of resources.