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What is the Democracy club ?

Democracy clubs – from word to action is a project aimed at the target group of children and young people aged 9-16. The aim of the project is for the target group to gain an increased understanding and knowledge of democracy, the Swedish model and to gain democratic tools so that they can influence their immediate area and other issues that affect them. To achieve this goal, local Democracy clubs around the country will be organized where 10 – 15 participants will meet during ten meetings. During the meetings, two main methods will be used, KASAM and learning by doing. Two methods that ensure participants’ participation and inclusion. The most important activities will be the 48 Democracy Clubs, the two opinion-forming campaigns, the development of a method that ensures that decision-makers listen to and include children in decision-making processes and the study and information material produced to ensure the project’s compliance. The overall goal of the project is, of course, that the aim should be achieved. Furthermore, some of the qualitative goals are that all participants should know about their democratic rights and how they can claim them, that the participants should know how they can influence and make a difference in the municipality or place they live and that more power holders should use child impact assessments. In order to ensure the survival of the project, during the project we will, among other things, train leaders, produce educational materials and continuously disseminate our experiences. During the project period, we will also implement Democracy Clubs in our organization so that after the end of the project we have Democracy Clubs as part of our regular operations.