Meeting 7

Student rights

Student rights and working environment

In Sweden we have compulsory schooling, which means that it is law that all children should attend school up to ninth grade. It is the school’s duty to ensure that every child receives the help and support the child needs to get through elementary school. This means, among other things, that there should be work peace in the classrooms. The school also has an obligation that all children should feel safe in school and not be bullied. If your school violates any of these rights you can talk to your teacher or your principal, if they do not solve the problem you can pass it on to the principal of the school, it is the municipality or private person who runs the school. If it does not get better after you talk to the school principal, you can report to the school inspector. It is the School Inspectorate that reviews the schools and ensures that all schools have a safe environment and good education.

You as a student also have the right to influence other things at your school. One way to do this is to start or join a student council. Then you are several who come together and present your suggestions for improvements, which the principal then takes part in and decides on. As students, you also have the right to choose a safety representative at your school. The task of the safety officer is to pass on the students’ views and complaints about the school environment and thus represent the students in questions about both the physical and psychosocial environment at school.

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